Got Questions? Call or Email These Advisors:

  • THERESA FLORES  LSW, MS  Survivor, Human Trafficking Specialist, Founder of S.O.A.P. – Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution.  Author of “Slave Across the Street”
I am a survivor of teen sex trafficking in the United States, a Human Trafficking expert and a licensed social worker. Contact me if you have questions on current statistics, but do your homework first and try to find the answer yourself. To check that information isn’t offensive to a survivor and is appropriate, please contact me. I specialize in education concerning sex trafficking of minors, but can answer questions about labor trafficking, too.

Questions about Video/Film Ideas & How to Make A Short Video/Film:

Samantha Flores, Educator

I am a mentor and host for this youth film contest and festival. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree and serve as an assistant for The SOAP Project. Please contact me to discuss ideas and methods, or if you are not quite sure whom to contact for specific help. In college I worked at local elementary, middle and high schools with at-risk students through a group called Upward Bound. During this time I curated educational activities both on and off-campus.

Jake Hoffer, Video Consultant & Instructor

I am a professional videographer with credentials in digital video and audio production. Contact me if you need help or advice in any stage of production, including scripting, lighting, filming, acting, audio, voiceover, music, graphic design, special effects, editing, submitting a working file, or any other technical challenges you may face related to actual video production.

Ua Chamberlain, Video Consultant & Instructor

I am the owner of a photography and video production studio in Columbus, Ohio. Contact me if you would like to discuss your ideas and/or need guidance with the pre-production stage of your video.

Mary Helen “The Art Lady”, Artist

I am an artist who creates artwork in several different mediums, including fiber, painting and printmaking. Please email me to discuss ideas, acting, and how to combine human trafficking information with music/songs, dance, poetry, photos and art. Inspiration is my specialty!

Hope & Liberation Coalition (HLC), Artists

We are a group of artists, performers and educators. Please email us to discuss your ideas and more! We will connect you with the person best suited to answer your questions. Mary Helen, “The Art Lady,” is a member of our organization, along with many other creative and experienced artists.

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